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What Recourse Do You Have If Your Neighbor Is Polluting?

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As Robert Frost famously said in his poem Mending Wall, “Good fences make good neighbors.” But what happens when, despite a good fence, you find hazardous runoff on your property? Whether your neighbor is actively dumping waste, hoarding abandoned vehicles, or simply failing to properly dispose of oil, antifreeze, or other harmful agents, the consequences to the surrounding community can be dire. As an affected neighbor, what enforcement procedures are available to you? Read on to learn more about how environmental law governs...

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Filing For Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Again: Limitations And Time Limits

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Filing for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy does not always cure all of your financial issues. In the period after your bankruptcy is complete, anything could happen and you wind up looking to file again. Before you can file for another bankruptcy though, there are some time restrictions and other limitations you have to take into consideration.  Discharges One of the benefits of filing for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy is that you can have a large share of your debts discharged. If you successfully had a discharge and need to file again, you might not...

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3 Types Of Marital Separations

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Living with another person every day can be challenging. Being able to agree on the family finances, taking care of the children and maintaining careers can simply be too much for some couples. Many spouses consider separating to determine if the marriage is worth maintaining. As you try and consider your next step, look at these separation options you might try: 1. Trial Separation When a couple doesn’t want to give totally up on a marriage, a trial separation may be in order. This allows the couple to live apart from each other for a...

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Who Is At Fault For A Slip And Fall Accident?

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If you have suffered an injury due to a fall, you will want to be reimbursed for your medical bills. It may be necessary to file a legal action against the company or business to recover your losses. However, before doing so, it’s important to know who may be liable for the slip and fall injury, you or your accuser. Being well-informed if you are in this situation can help you decide if you should pursue your case or not. When the Property Owner is Liable There are many instances when the slip and fall accident is the fault of the...

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Does Santa Need A Defense Attorney?

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If you have a child that’s young enough to believe in Santa Clause, but old enough to have a rudimentary grasp of the idea that creeping through somebody else’s home in the dark isn’t just wrong, but is actually illegal, you may find yourself trying to answer some tough questions. Relax. You can reassure your kids that Santa won’t be doing hard time related to any midnight excursions into someone’s living room on Christmas Eve. Read more to learn why. It’s Not Breaking And Entering If He Was Invited In. If...

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When You Are The Defendant In A Car Accident Lawsuit

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If you are being sued by an injured party because of a car accident you reportedly caused, it’s time to get ready to defend yourself. You can make the case go more smoothly if you are prepared when you go to meet with a lawyer for your initial consultation. The more documentation you can gather together prior to your meeting, the more information your lawyer has to determine if there is a legitimate case or not. Get Copies of All Accident Reports If the police were called because of the accident, get copies of any accident reports...

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Why You Need An Attorney When Buying A House

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Many people don’t consider hiring an attorney when buying a new home because of the expense. However, it is often worth the extra expense to hire an attorney to help you through the process of buying a house. Title Searches and Liens Title searches are an often overlooked service that attorneys can provide to you. Title searches are done to ensure that the home or property in question does not have any liens or judgments on it. This is important because you need to make sure the seller is actually able to legally sell the house or...

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4 Mistakes To Avoid In A Medical Malpractice Or Negligence Suit

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When a health care provider has done something that has negatively affected your health, you might consider suing them. However, in order to mount a successful medical malpractice or negligence suit, you need to avoid certain mistakes that could result in a judgement against you. Here are four mistakes to avoid. Suing the Wrong Person In order for your lawsuit to be successful, you need to be sure that you sue the right person or people. The person you sue needs to be directly responsible and at fault. For instance, if a doctor did not order...

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3 Tips To Help You And Your Ex Create An Effective Co-Parenting Plan

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Getting divorced can be a difficult thing to experience – especially if there are kids involved. Everyone hears about the horror stories involving heated child custody battles in the court room. These are legal battles that incur a lot of legal fees for both parties involved. It doesn’t have to be that way. More and more parents are opting instead to sit down with a mediator in order to create a co-parenting plan. Here are three tips to help you and your ex create an effective co-parenting plan for your children. 1. Check the...

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What Is A Wrongful Death Case?

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In legal terms, wrongful death is defined as a death that happens as the legal fault of another. That is, that someone else is entirely liable for the person’s death. It could be because of a car accident, a malpractice case, or because of a mechanical failure. How the death happened doesn’t matter, as long as the deceased wasn’t the one at fault for their death.  Who Can Bring a Wrongful Death Case? Only the family of the deceased can bring a wrongful death case. They are the only people with the legal standing to...

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